BS 5266 Compliance Check Sheet

Does your emergency lighting system provide safety for the occupants, compliance with standards and adhere to the building’s insurance requirements?


When initially installed, the emergency lighting should be supplied with a log book, installer's guarantee, and manufacturer's guarantees for individual components.

Systems may not have any records of the design and equipment selection process, or a current risk assessment.

There may also have been alterations to the system or building that have not been documented.

In these instances, a verification inspection and test should be carried out to assess conformity with current standards.

This is especially important when adopting a legacy system from a previous owner or building manager.

The object is to determine what has physically changed since the system was designed, what effect it has on performance of the system and what needs to be done to restore the system to its intended functionality.

Updated documentation should be provided once the system has been rectified.


Please contact us to discuss your existing system’s compliance.